Gosen Polylon Comfort

(1.24mm) $17.00

A soft polyester string with original five-petal structure to offer a crisp lively feel.  Thinner gauged for better playability.

Head FXP Tour

 (1.30mm) $18.00

A solid core polyester string with multifilament wraps for the best in power, comfort, and control.

Head Sonic Pro Edge

(1.30mm) $17.00

A pentagon shaped soft co-polyester string for the perfect balance of control, spin, power, and comfort.

 Head FXP

(1.25mm or 1.30mm) $17.00

A multifilament string highlighted by three unique FiberGel filaments in the core promoting a durable powerful and controlling string. Great in a hybrid setup.

Head RIP Control 

(1.30mm) $17.00 

A classic multifilament string with unique polypropylene ribbons technology for a high level of control and power in a nylon based arm friendly string.

Head Synthetic Gut PPS

(1.30mm) $12.50

A classic nylon synthetic gut string for an all-around blend of power, control, and comfort. In a standard 16 gauge for durability as well.

Kirschbaum Black Shark

(1.25 or 1.30mm) $15.00

An octagonal firm co-polyester string that grips the ball for extreme spin and slice potential and control.

Kirschbaum Max Power Rough

(1.30mm) $15.00

A textured round low powered firm co-poly string designed for the competitive player with a full swing for a high level of control and spin.

Kirschbaum Pro Line X

(1.25mm or 1.30mm) $15.00

A standard round medium firm co-polyester string for a great balance of control, spin, and tension maintenance. This is an advance string for the true intermediate player.

Kirschbaum Super Smash

(1.30mm) $12.50

A true polyester string for its one of a kind play, feel, and durability.

Oehms Alu Pearl Rough

(1.23mm) $15.00

A soft octagonal round profiled and aluminized co-polyester string for exceptional control, spin.  Holds tension well for a poly.

Oehms Alu Star

(1.20mm) $15.00

A soft round aluminized co-polyester string that offers exceptional control.  This string will boast well for the Alu type string player.

Oehms Matador Strike

(1.24mm) $15.00

A softer comfortable eight-sided co-poly string for extra ball bite and spin.

Oehms Black Pearl Penta

(1.25mm) $12.50

A soft five-sided co-polyester string for a balanced blend of power, spin, comfort, and control.

Oehms Black Pearl Classic

(1.18mm) $12.50

A soft round co-polyester string with an emphasis on added power and comfort to go with the control.  Thinner gauge, perfect for dense string pattern 0r players transitioning from a nylon based string.

Prince Premier Control

(1.30mm) $19.50

A tri-core multifilament for better control, power, feel, and comfort in a nylon based string.

Prince Synthetic Gut

(1.25mm or 1.30mm) $12.50

A classic synthetic gut string that still offers a blend of all-around performance.

Prince Twisted POLY 

(1.27mm) $12.50

This is a softer round polyester string for classic spin and control.

Wilson Sensation Comfort

(1.30mm) $19.50

This is a classic multifilament string made of highly elastic nylon fibers for a strong blend of power and comfort. Usually strung at higher tensions for better control.

Wilson Revolve Spin

(1.30mm) $16.00

A pentagonal shaped low powered firm feeling co-poly string for the full swing hitter who wants a string that can put a bite on the ball for massive spin.