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Gosen OG Sheep Aermet

ga 16 (1.29mm)  $16.00

Increasing the resilience and durability by using super alloy material aermet which is twice the strength of titanium. High combination of power, control, durability and vibration dampening.

Gosen BioGut Power

ga 16 (1.29mm)  $16.00

High resiliency type string in Bio Degraded series for powerful play. Bio Degraded material in string adds extraordinary soft feeling, shock absorption, and ball handling control.

Gosen Polylon Comfort

ga 17 (1.24mm)  $16.00

Very soft polyester string with original five-petal structure to offer a crisp feel and a balance of power and spin.

Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super 

ga 16 (1.25mm or 1.30mm)  $15.00

Excellent all-round performance of durability, power, control in a nylon mono-filament string.

Gosen Polylon

ga 16 (1.29mm)  $10.00

Polylon is a standard monofilament polyester of high durability, low elongation, superb control string. It is great as a part of a hybrid setting.

 Head FXP Tour

ga 16 (1.30mm) $16.00 

This mono-filament polyester fiber core string wrapped with a multi-filament layer offers a solid mix of power, control, comfort, and durability. 

Head RIP Control 

ga 16 (1.30mm) $16.00 

 A string of a nylon multi-filament core with RIP technology of polyolefin ribbons promoting a competitive mix of comfort and control.

Head Synthetic Gut PPS
ga 16 (1.30mm) $12.50

Head's most popular Synthetic Gut String. Perfect blend of playability and power with Powerstrip Technology. 

Kirschbaum Black Shark

Gauge 16 (1.30mm)  $15.00

Black Shark is equipped with an octagonal profile parallel to the string. Using a specially developed technique, this poly string has distinct peaks for an optimum grip at the ball to ensure the best of slices and spin transfer.

Kirschbaum Spiky Shark

Gauge 16 (1.25mm) $15.00

Kirschbaum Spiky Shark brings new meaning to spin transfer!  No string slipping, enlarged acceleration and high comfort for a poly.  Kirschbaum - German string manufacturer since 1985.

Kirschbaum Max Power Rough

Gauge 16 (1.30mm) $15.00

Kirschbaum Max Power Rough provides a geometric (twisted) profile for players seeking maximum spin transfer.  This string has very little resilience and is suited for players with bigger swings. 

Kirschbaum Pro Line X

Gauge 16 (1.25 or 1.30mm) $12.50

Kirschbaum Pro Line X is a new generation soft polyester string with enhanced mixture to improve the dynamic features of immense control and durability. It is great for a hybrid set-up.  

Kirschbaum Super Smash

ga 16 (1.30mm) $12.50

This popular string is true to the word for control and endurance. Super Smash is a world-renowned poly string, great for fast racquet swing players or lower tension in a hybrid.

Prince Power Glide

ga 16 (1.30mm) $17.50

Unique FC Filament provides a soft resilient feel and maintains tension. Part of Prince's line of Tour Series.

Prince Premier Attack

ga 16 (1.30mm) $16.00

A good arm-friendly multi-filament string with improved tension retention is now possible with tri-core construction. For Power, Feel, and Tension Hold, this string has it.

Prince Synthetic Gut

Gauge 17 (1.25mm) $12.50

Duraflex provides consistency and durability for unmatched all around performance under a basic string. Thinner gauge for greater playability.

Prince Twisted POLY 

ga 16 (1.27mm) $12.50

Prince's multi-coloured poly provides a slightly softer feel for less shock with good control.

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut

ga 16 (1.30mm) $12.50

Polyvalence performance in an all around, playability string. "There is a reason that this string is still around" - Peter, U.K.

Wilson Revolve Spin

ga 16 (1.30mm)  $15.00

Wilson Revolve Spin string is for maximum spin.  It has a pentagon shape and low friction UHMW material that provides added snap-back and bite.