Gosen G-Pro 70

0.70mm $12.50

Heat resistant coating resin on fiber creates an extremely durable medium feeling string.  R4X style fiber weaves offering better power and control in this .70mm classed string.

Gosen R4X (Momone) 66

0.66mm $12.50

Superb Power and Control with patented quattro fiber weaves in a high grade string. Gosen is a well respected company making quality strings since 1951.

Gosen G-Tone 9

0.69mm $12.50

Utilizing Gosen's advanced technology, the string's core is sealed with the outer fiber wraps, resulting in enhanced durability and crisp hitting sound.

Gosen G-Tone 5

0.65mm $12.50

Gosen's advanced technology string provide supreme resilience and crisp hitting sound by 0.65mm gauge. Nylon multi-filament with patented high strength quarttro-fiber wraps. For offensive players.

Yonex NBG-98

0.66mm $15.00

Fusion of nanoscience and high intensity multifilament nylon. The compound cup stack carbon nanotube coating reduces friction and when combined with the 0.66mm thinner gauge increases repulsion power.

Yonex BG-85

0.67mm $15.00

This ultra thin 0.67mm gauge string which is made of an advanced high modulus "Vectran" fiber and multi-braided outer creates ultimate repulsion power with a sharp touch.

Yonex BG-80

0.68mm $15.00

High-modulus "Vectran" fibers wrapped around a strong multifilament core for powerful smashes and great control. A greater diametered string for added durability.

Yonex BG-80 Power

0.68mm $15.00

Combination of original high-intensity nylon multifilament and high modulus Vectran provides a solid feeling and powerful smash. For hard hitting players.

Yonex BG-68Ti

0.68mm $15.00

Titanium-hydride coating and ultra-thin 0.68mm string provides not only a clear sound at impact but also a sharp and comfortable feel. Designed for control players.

Yonex BG-66 Ultimax

0.65mm $15.00

The string has 0.65mm thin gauge and the perfect balance of maximum speed, and control, making it the choice of top players.

Yonex BG-65Ti

0.70mm $15.00

Compound titanium hydride coating provides sharp and comfortable feel at impact. A harder feel as compared to the popular BG-65 string.

Yonex BG-65

0.70mm $13.00

A good level of playability and high durability combined into a most popular multi-filament string.