Gosen R4X (Momone) 66

0.66mm $12.50

Superb Power and Control with patented quattro fiber weaves in a high grade string. Gosen is a well respected company making quality strings since 1951.

Gosen G-Tone 9

0.69mm $12.50

Utilizing Gosen's advanced technology, the string's core is sealed with the outer fiber wraps, resulting in enhanced durability and crisp hitting sound.  Tension up to 30 lbs.

Gosen G-Tone 5

0.65mm $12.50

Gosen's advanced technology string provide supreme resilience and crisp hitting sound by 0.65mm gauge. Nylon multi-filament with patented high strength quarttro-fiber wraps good up to 27 lbs.

Yonex ExBolt 65

0.65mm $17.50

An advanced string with Forged Fiber to vastly improve durability in thinner gauges.  Thinner strings for greater power and control.  

Yonex NBG-98

0.66mm $15.00

Fusion of nanoscience and high intensity multifilament nylon. The compound cup stack carbon nanotube coating reduces friction and when combined with the 0.66mm thinner gauge increases repulsion power.

Yonex BG-80

0.68mm $15.00

High-modulus "Vectran" fibers wrapped around a strong multifilament core for powerful smashes and great control. A greater diametered string for added durability.

Yonex BG-80 Power

0.68mm $15.00

Combination of original high-intensity nylon multifilament and high modulus Vectran provides a solid feeling and powerful smash. For hard hitting players.

Yonex BG-66 Ultimax

0.65mm $15.00

The string has 0.65mm thin gauge and the perfect balance of maximum speed, and control, making it the choice of top players.

Yonex BG-65Ti

0.70mm $15.00

Compound titanium hydride coating provides sharp and comfortable feel at impact. A harder feel as compared to the popular BG-65 string.

Yonex BG-65

0.70mm $13.00

A good level of playability and high durability combined into a most popular multi-filament string.