Gamma Synthetic Gut (Tennis)

1.22mm $12.50

An all-round string with WearGuard resistant filbers for longer string life with a crisp feel and super resilient core for increased power. A most capable string for players starting into the game.

Gosen Polylon Comfort (Tennis)

1.24mm $17.00

A unique twisted co-polyester string with patented Five-Petals structure for a crisp feel.

Gosen BioGut Power (Tennis)

1.29mm $16.00

High resilience type for powerful play. It is a nylon based string with bio-degradable material added into the classic OG-Sheep Micro Super JC for resilience and control.

Prince PowerGlide 16 (Tennis)

1.30mm $17.00

This is a most unique blend of nylon composition arm friendly string that provides a soft powerful feel and good tension hold. String it at higher tensions for great control.

Gosen Roots B505 (Badminton)

0.68mm $13.00

A nylon multifilament string offering extraordinary power, control, durability. It plays similarily to BG80 Power, except with a mid-feel.